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ANT530 Thermal Detector

ANT530 Thermal Detector

Antlia Systems unique Thermal Detector can detect human body surface temperature from a safe distance and without physical contact. This method helps prevent the spread of infectious diseases. This system uses the highest quality and most precise temperature sensor on the market today. 


In addition to a green light signifying in-range temperatures and a red light indicating out-of-range body temperatures, this system also uses voice warnings. These voice warnings can be customized to your desired language.


This high-quality temperature sensor integrates into walk-thorough metal detectors, ordinary doors, intelligent access control systems, disinfection equipment, and other equipment that uses temperature measurement functions. 


Product Features

  • Quick screening:
    • Easily and actively collect infrared temperature data
    • Human operator NOT required for temperature measurement
    • Temperature measurement completed in less than one second
  • Non-contact temperature measurement:
    • The infrared temperature sensor allows no contact temperature reading
    • No contact temperature reading helps to eliminate cross-contamination between people
    • The temperature read from the wrist or forehead
  • Voice alarm:
    • Voice alarm quickly states, “Your temperature is normal” or “Please check again.”
    • Customize the voice alarm to speak different languages
  • Visual notification:
    • Greenlight for normal temperature
    • Red light for temperatures out-of-range
  • Application environment:
    • Operates normally in temperatures of 14°-104°F
  • Panel display:
    • Easy-to-read, clear and bright digital display
    • Works in a wide range of ambient lighting conditions
  • Prevents false alarms due to high ambient temperatures:
    • Intelligent programming helps prevent false alarms due to high temperatures or direct sunlight
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